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Four Steps of Fly Casting

Step 1: Pick Up Line Off the Water 1. Gently lift the rod tip up from the water to take in the slack of the line. 2. This will prepare the line to be casted.

Step 2: The Backcast 1. Raise your rod arm and point the rod tip behind you. 2. With a smooth motion, pull the line back to load the rod. 3. Stop the rod at 1 o'clock position.

Pick Up Line Off the Water
The Backcast
The Forward Cast
The Presentation

Step 3: The Forward Cast 1. Bring the rod forward, accelerating the rod tip to release the line. 2. The line should unfurl in front of you, creating a loop. 3. Stop the rod at the 11 o'clock position.

Step 4: The Presentation 1. With your rod arm still extended, gently lower the rod tip to the water. 2. This will allow your fly to land softly on the water and present it to the fish.

Fly Tying

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