In the fall of 1985 a group of anglers interested in fly fishing organized themselves into an association. The new group chose a name indicative of their locale and the Flatland Fly Fishers came into being. Our immediate area lacks the pristine mountain trout water setting one would normally associate with fly fishing, yet our Saskatchewan based organization has remained active and continues to attract new memberships.

We are a non-profit association founded on four cornerstones:

- Preservation of our waters

- Conservation of our fish stocks

- Educating our members with sportsmanlike ethics

- Promotion of the sport of fly fishing

Although the fishing can be viewed as a sport on its own, we believe flyfishing is an intrinsic component of sport angling as a whole. We are not elitists, but simply recognize that fly fishing provides increased angling opportunities and an avenue to success where conventional angling methods fail. With this greater potential to harvest fish comes the responsibility of conservation.

We are strong proponents of "Catch And Release" angling, and direct our conservation efforts at improving fishing opportunities for all anglers and not just Fly Fisherman.

Our active involvement, as cooperators with the provincial government, under the fisheries enhancement programs, is reflected in the number of projects we have undertaken. The scope of these projects range from an aeration unit on Oyama Reservoir to water level control structures on Besant Creek. The intent of both these projects is to reduce the effects of winter kill and establish viable fisheries. More recent efforts include cattle fencing on Swan River and stream deflectors on Scissors Creek which are intended to eliminate habitat destruction caused by erosion. Future plans include continued work on Scissors Creek as well as research into the feasibility of establishing a brown trout fishery in nearby Wascana Creek.

Our organization enjoys the reputation of being active within the community. We have volunteered instructional demonstrations to such groups as the Boy Scouts, the Big Brothers and the Canadian Sportsman Show. The programs we offer to our members are directed at all skill levels. In addition, every effort is made to keep our members informed of current events within fisheries legislation. This is accomplished by keeping abreast of issues in an ever changing political environment. Our association can effectively lobby for necessary legislative changes and funding to protect and preserve the future of our limited fisheries resources

With involvement, our members share a sense of stewardship over local fisheries resources and have a greater understanding of the challenges facing resource managers. It is this understanding that fosters sportsmanlike conduct.

To those individuals seeking and active organization concerned with preserving our limited fisheries resources, while promoting the sport of fly fishing, we extend a warm welcome. To our existing membership we extend a challenge to remain active within the association, pass on the knowledge they have learned, and function as role models of conservation in action.